Salongate and Pelosi’s aristocratic privilege


“Aristocracy” is defined as a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privilege, especially when rooted in hereditary nobility. It includes a government or state ruled by the elite or a privileged upper class. George Washington set the tone for our republic, rejecting blue blood aristocracy in favor of the public’s will. Yet, occasionally, American aristocracies have evolved because the public bestows the honor upon a family dynasty of elected officials, such as the Kennedys, or a family dynasty bestows it upon itself.

Within the latter category falls the D’Alesandro family, responsible for giving us Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. To understand how Queen Nancy found herself being filmed in a local beauty salon, sans mask, in violation of safety procedures against COVID-19 she had helped implement and for which she has criticized President Donald Trump for failing to follow, we need understand what gave rise to her aristocratic persona.

Pelosi’s father and brother, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. and the third, respectively, were both mayors of Baltimore, serving only eight years apart. The father had a reputation for corruption, as the mob flourished during his tenure in the 1950s. Even President John F. Kennedy had worries about D’Alesandro Jr.’s mafia ties. In 1961, considering a political appointment for D’Alesandro, Kennedy requested his “involvement with Baltimore hoodlums; with favoritism in awarding city contracts; (and) protection for political contributors and the prosecution of local cased” be investigated. It was investigated, with the appointment not being tendered as a result.

Pelosi credits her father with teaching her the political ropes. In 1987, she won a special election for a House seat and the regular election the next year. Since then, San Francisco voters have repeatedly returned her to office, often by margins of 80%. With such a track record and blanket voter support, plus becoming the first female speaker on two occasions, Pelosi suffers from an aristocratic mindset. It imbues her with the belief she can do as she pleases, even reversing political decisions without explanation. We have seen her go from opposing trade with China to embracing China; from opposing illegal immigration to embracing it; from being a good Catholic to embracing abortion; from defending and covering up sexual abuse claims against Democrats to embracing such claims made against Republicans; etc.

A queen is accountable to no one. As such, Pelosi is able to pursue the one cause to which she gives top priority – Trump’s removal from office or reelection defeat. As this drives everything she does, one would think she would cautiously avoid falling into a situation undermining her own credibility by going to a salon closed to the public under protocols she promoted. Unfortunately, Pelosi, drunk with the elixir of power and aristocracy, succumbed to poor judgment. Much like French Queen Marie Antoinette, so out of touch with her people she provoked popular unrest ending her reign in 1793, Pelosi proved out of touch with her people in making a beauty salon appointment.

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In typical fashion, when video of Pelosi unmasked at the salon emerged, she refused accountability. Instead, she claimed, despite initiating the call for an appointment, she was the victim of a setup, demanding an apology from the salon’s owner. Perhaps emboldened by having pushed the Russia/Trump collusion scam, she sought to push the setup scam to vilify the salon owner. But Pelosi did not explain, even if a setup, why she failed to wear a mask while salon employees did in accordance with safety precautions. Even CNN’s liberal-loving host Don Lemon criticized Pelosi for failing to admit she erred. Due to discussions on how failure to declare a presidential winner by Inauguration Day 2021 could conceivably result in a temporary Pelosi presidency, Trump suggested if she was so easily set up by a salon owner, “how will she do in negotiations against President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, or Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Not so well I suspect…”

The salon owner put responsibility right back on Pelosi, calling the speaker’s setup claim “beyond shameful.” She added, “I don’t owe anyone an apology. Mrs. Pelosi owes the entire country an apology.” Pelosi’s lawyer then issued a disclaimer, again alleging setup. However, Salongate had begun, with other salon owners rushing to support their fellow owner, livid over Pelosi’s hypocrisy. Fortunately for Pelosi, while denying America a fence to keep unwanted people out, the fence around her own property kept these protesters at bay. The Queen’s setup proclamation, however, has generated death threats and hate mail for the salon owner, forcing a relocation. Adding insult to injury, Pelosi now threatens to sue her.

Pelosi was no setup victim – she was a victim of her own aristocratic arrogance.

By exercising “aristocratic privilege,” Pelosi’s puts her credibility, concerning other comments made, under scrutiny. They include suggesting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden refuse to debate Trump as the latter would “probably act in a way that is beneath the dignity of the presidency.” That this was said by a speaker failing to maintain her own dignity of office represents unadulterated chutzpah. Her totally unprofessional act of tearing up her copy of Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address created the rip heard ’round the world. (Republicans recently asked Attorney General William Barr to investigate whether the act was criminal.) Pelosi’s comment also lacks merit due to Biden’s lack of dignity as a presidential candidate. After ducking media interviews, he submitted to one by ex-stripper and singer Cardi B, who had just released one of the most disgusting rap songs, “WAP” – a title too vulgar even to explain the acronym. Yet Biden praised her in glowing terms, obviously playing up to her millions of followers. Clearly, Pelosi’s no debate comment had nothing to do with dignity and everything to do with sparing Biden another gaffe-ridden appearance.

Last year, former President Barack Obama claimed we needed more female leaders as they are “indisputably better” than men. He argued most of the world’s problems were caused by old people, mostly men, holding onto positions of power. Pelosi has not proven Obama right. She is a national embarrassment who has unhesitantly abused the power she wields.

Legend has it in Eskimo culture, as the aged became a burden to family survival, they would be placed on an ice floe floating out to sea – there to die a quiet death. Should Republicans fail to take back the House in November, hopefully Pelosi’s fellow Democrats will recognize the time has come for her ice floe journey, quietly ending the Queen’s political life. It would definitely enhance our nation’s survival.


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