Pandemic globalism vs. Trump nationalism

Pandemic globalism vs. Trump nationalism

Our president was struck down by the China virus. He and his wife are now victims of this global assault on democracy and capitalism. This pandemic is the result of the very globalism our president is fighting. The virus spread because of globalism. China did it and the WHO was complicit, while Democrats fought the travel ban on China.

Why is the president of the United States known as the most powerful person in the world? Because the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world.

The United States lost some of that powerfulness under Clinton, W. Bush and Obama/Biden as they surrendered the interests of America to globalists. Their actions involved Russian, Venezuelan and OPEC oil, outsourcing manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico, the U.N., NATO, WTO, WHO, TPP, the Paris Accord, World Bank, the Iran nuke deal, NAFTA, reduced military spending, Bretton Woods, immigration, a world assault on Christians, stagnant wages, dilution of the U.S. as the Arsenal of Democracy, world interdependence versus U.S. independence … globalists chipped away at the greatness of America.

Trump reversed that chipping away so that the United States is the most powerful country in the world once again. He made America great again. He put America first. So those globalists are doing anything and everything possible to stop him. People and interests like George Soros, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, anti-Christians, the liberal media cartel, Chris Wallace, the military industrial complex, SEIU, NEA, the deep state and Democrats are all invested in the globalization of the world. Nationalists like Donald Trump are their enemy. So they declared war on Trump with their “resist” campaign and bogus attempts to remove him from office since he was elected in 2016: Impeachment, the Mueller investigation, unsolicited mail-out ballots, the BLM riots and unrelenting Democratic obstruction.

Globalists used the pandemic to wage war on our president to stop the spread of nationalism in the world. It is the global pandemic versus our president. Stopping Trump is the key to stopping the other nationalist leaders in the world.

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Make no mistake – one of the real objectives of globalists is to eliminate the influence of Christianity in the U.S. as a means to eliminate it from the world. That is the real reason for their opposition to Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

Listen closely to the Senate hearings for Barrett. Globalists wish to continue chipping away at our Christian heritage and capitalism, and to eliminate “In God We Trust.” Globalists wish to make the USA more dependent on the world instead of independent, more dependent on governments instead of God.

John Jay, our first chief justice, who served from 1789-1795, once said: “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it their duty as well as the privilege and interest of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians as their rulers.”

Fact: All of the last five nominees to the Supreme Court by Democrats were non-Christians. All nominations by Clinton and Obama were non-Christians despite Clinton, Obama and Biden claiming to be Christians. All of the last six nominees by Republicans are Christians – all six, including three from Trump. That demonstrates the difference in values of Democrats versus Republicans. It demonstrates the difference between globalists and nationalists. It is the real reason for opposition to Amy Coney Barrett. Globalists are attempting to kill the Christian heart of America. That is why they declared war on Trump with the “resist” movement after his election in 2016.

Why are China and Russia unaffected by all this? Because they are homogeneous nationalist countries. Each is bound together internally by a common culture. They are exactly what the globalists are trying to destroy in the U.S. Globalists are trying to destroy the common homogeneous identity of Americans – Christianity, capitalism, independence, self-sufficiency.

God, bless Donald and Melania Trump. Please help cure them from this China virus so that they can continue to make America great again, again. We need Donald Trump more now than ever. We need a president who puts the interests of America first – with action and not just lip service.


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