Antifa Medic Calls for Federal Agent to Be ‘Executed’

Antifa Medic Calls for Federal Agent to Be ‘Executed’

An Antifa protester wearing “medic” markings on his black bloc uniform screamed “You should be executed” at a federal agent defending an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility.

The Antifa protester confronted a U.S. Border Patrol BORTAC agent after he reportedly became separated from other agents protecting a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland.

A video tweeted by Elijah Schaffer shows a man wearing all black (black bloc) with red medic crosses on his clothes and helmet confronting a Border Patrol BORTAC agent. He begins screaming at the agent calling him a “f*cking Nazi.”

As the abuse continues, the protester screams, “You Nazi piece of sh*t. … You sterilize women. … You Nazi piece of sh*t, you should be executed.”

The agents proceeded to walk through the human blockade to try and rejoin his fellow agents.

Elsewhere, federal agents confronted protesters as they attempted to move on the ICE facility.

Journalist Sergio Olmos tweeted a video showing a standoff between protesters and what he described as DHS agents.

The agents rushed the crowd, moving them down the block.

Another video shows protesters throwing a large rubber ball at one of the agents.

The federal agents continued moving the crowd down the street and eventually deployed smoke and gas, according to Olmos.

The Oregonian reported that in addition to rubber balls, protesters also threw rocks at the federal agents. The protest was described by organizers as a “solidarity march against deportation,” the newspaper stated.

The crowd arrived at the federal facility around 9 p.m. local time. Agents and protesters moved the line forward and back multiple times throughout the evening until Portland police officers eventually arrived sometime after 11 p.m. The protest continues for a few more hours after that.

Portland police apologized to high-rise residents in the area who were disturbed by the protesters and the clouds of smoke and gas, the article states.

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