National ‘sex ed’ standards teach kids to choose gender

National 'sex ed' standards teach kids to choose gender

(LIBERTY SENTINEL) – The new sexual education standards being rolled out across America are beyond shocking, teaching children to choose their “gender” while demonizing all who resist.

The National Sex Education Standards Core Content and Skills K-12, 2nd Edition for 2020 written by Advocates for Youth, Answer Sex Ed, Honestly and SIECUS (Sexuality Info & Education Council of the US – Sex Ed for Social Change) is a 72-page document that describes a “whole new world” of human evolution. This two page summary is mostly quotes straight from the document with referenced page numbers. I notify the reader when my opinion is interjected.

Gender is described as a “social construct” therefore students are taught they can reject or modify their “sex assigned at birth” to something that FEELS truer to oneself. (p. 58) Examples of gender include, but are NOT LIMITED to: male, female, transgender, androgenous, agender, gender expansive, genderqueer, nonbinary, two-spirit, intersex, or questioning. Genderqueer means a person can identify as both genders, neither gender, something in-between or BEYOND genders. (p. 59, 61,67). The document informs readers on page 8 that there is a continual evolution of language related to gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and sexual identity, therefore this document is only a snapshot in the evolutionary process.

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